Best Competition Lifts…so far!  – Squat – 102.5kg Bench – 57.5kg Deadlift – 130kg Total 290kg@47.8kg BW
As a competitive powerlifter in the under 48kg female category, Jess made it to GPC Nationals and took out the GPC World Junior records for the squat, deadlift and total within her first year of training in powerlifting. Jess currently holds all of the Australian junior records as well, and continues to train specifically for powerlifting.
Jess has a passion for encouraging and inspiring women in strength sports, and hosts our ladies night every Thursday from 5:30pm – 7:30pm. This is an opportunity for the ladies to get together, train and encourage each other. Jess will also be available during this time to assist and coach those interested.
With a combination of experience as a personal trainer and as a competitive powerlifter, Jess is ready to support you to take it to the next level. Jess is also available for small group training (up to 4).